Lee A Pitts

Lee A. Pitts was born in the big city of dreams, New York City. Raised in the infamous Queensbridge projects, he grew up around different types of personalities and had a front row seat to what life was like in the ghetto.


His passion for writing all started at a young age when he would be in his grandparents apartment, which was on the same block and two buildings over from his. It was there where he would watch his uncle write music and also watch his grandfather sit behind a old fashioned typewriter and type up his novels.


He began his creative career in 2003 when he started producing music for up and coming hip-hop artists who were from his neighborhood. The artistic feeling he got from producing them lead him to writing music lyrics and movie scripts.


After years of applying his creative and artistic talents into music, he applied those same talents into the literary world. His first novel, Paint the City Red, was published in 2016.

Lee A. Pitts


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