Lee A Pitts

For over a century the New York City underworld has been governed and controlled by some of the most ruthless gangsters the world has ever seen. Their lifestyles are celebrated and the way each and everyone of them went upon achieving power, immortalized them in the history book of the streets.


Following in the footsteps of the street legends before him, is a young man from Queens. He was able to rise to the top of the drug game because of his hustler ambition and killer mentality, which inevitably made him the FBI's number one target.


This is the story of Aaron Johnson, aka "King", a drug lord from the Queensbridge housing projects. After replacing his mentor Tyler Hampton aka "Mac", who was the biggest dope kingpin in Queens, King knew taking his rightful seat on the throne would come with great sacrifices. From being stuck in the middle of a war between rival drug cartels and going to war with the Lombardo crime family, King did whatever he had to do to make it to the top and remain there.


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